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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the defending AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Good morning.

Levi Weaver recaps the Rangers' 2-0 loss to the Angels last night. It was the rare game for the Rangers in 2016 where they didn't come back in the late innings (nor did they then blow a late lead).

T.R. Sullivan writes that the luck dragons were unhappy with the Rangers for some reason and helped the Angels when it looked like Texas was about to win.

Jeff Wilson's reactions to Monday's barrage of news include no one caring about Jared Hoying anymore once word got out that Joey Gallo was being called up with him. Poor Jared Hoying.

Sullivan writes that Josh Hamilton is done for the season and could very well have played his last game. Would be a quiet end to a very loud career.

Wilson writes that Hamilton wants to play next year but if he does, it might not be with the Rangers who seem to have moved on. Remember the confusion about signing Ian Desmond? I think the Rangers knew the most likely outcome with Hambone.

Eno Sarris looks back at how Rougned Odor made an adjustment at the plate beyond simply tapping into his wealth of swagger.

Jared Sandler looks back at the weird, wild week the Rangers had last week from sweep to shining sweep.

Joseph Ursery writes about Joey Gallo's return and warns that it may only last for as long as Odor is still not serving his suspension. So, get an eyeful of Gallo while you can.

Odor's suspension appeal hearing is set for today and, as Adam Grosbard notes, Jon Daniels thinks Jurickson Profar is the most likely candidate to replace him for however long he's sidelined.'s Chad Thornburg writes about Lulu Ortiz's dazzling Double-A debut among the top performers in minor league baseball yesterday.

Lastly, remember that restaurant that is offering Rougie free barbecue for life? Apparently the owners have become public enemy No. 1 in Canada.

Have a nice day.