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Wednesday Morning Links


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yu Darvish's return is complete!

The long family tradition of heat stroke at August games is just a November vote from ending.

Nomar Mazara notched his first Arlington dong in last night's win.

Being a volatile nut is not normally great for your career.

Rick Gosselin says that Josh Hamilton needs to accept that the pig is not "just a little airborne," it's gone.

Rougned Odor had a three hour hearing on his probable suspension before last night's game.

Shawn Tolleson, we can still be friends.

Nomar Mazara looked at Martin Perez's 2016 run support and said "not on my watch."

Which is not to say Martin Perez didn't help himself out, too.

Ranger100's dream of a Dallas ballpark is one step closer to the trashcan.

Yu Darvish will be held to 85-90 pitches in his 2016 debut Saturday.

Chirinos is on schedule for a June 9 return, if he hasn't been Wally Pipp'd by the carousel of replacement catchers.