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Thursday Morning Links

Linkie poo!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels have yet to figure out Nomar Mazara, mostly because he's an enigma wrapped in a riddle hiding a 490 foot dong.

The Rangers rookies dressed up like KISS to perform at the annual Triple Play charity event.

We should hear the results of the Rougned Odor's suspension appeal today, with early rumors indicating not only a reversal of the suspension but a hearty and warm pat on the back.

Home run length measurement being an imprecise science, the debate rages about whether Mazara's epic shot yesterday is more or less epic than Josh Hamilton's 490 foot dong in 2010.

Yu Darvish is remaining calm with his return to the mound looming, largely because he's a remorseless pitching battlemech.

The Rangers are hoping that some extra rest will benefit Derek Holland because, hey, not much else is working.

Buster Olney suggests the Rangers as a possible destination for Andrew Miller.

T.R. Sullivan and Alden Gonzalez recap yesterdays parade of runs.

Tony Barnette was able to escape a 6th inning bases loaded jam without Tollesoning everything up.