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Keith Law mock draft: Latest version out

Keith Law's new mock draft is now up at

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law's mock draft has been updated, and the latest version is now available here.  Law has the Texas Rangers taking Vanderbilt outfielder Bryan Reynolds at number 30...of the two Georgia high school outfielders who have been commonly linked to Texas, Taylor Trammell is off the board in this mock well before #30, while Will Benson slips out of the first round.

Reynolds would be a deviation from recent history for the Rangers, who haven't taken a college hitter in the first two rounds since the ill-fated selection of Zach Cone with a supplemental first round pick in 2011.  BA's mock draft that came out yesterday has Reynolds off the board at #21, with the Rangers taking Benson at #30.  Reynolds is a switch hitter who Law thinks can stay in center field, and BA describes Reynolds, who is #22 on their most recent rankings, as one of the "safer" options in the draft.