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Thoughts on a 5-2 Rangers win

Rangers 5, Pirates 2

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 5, Pirates 2

  • I don't know how much there really is for me to say about this game.  Yu Darvish returned and was awesome.  Adrian Beltre hit a home run and made a great defensive play.  Mitch Moreland had a home run.  The bullpen didn't implode.  Things are good.
  • Man...good Yu is really fun to watch.
  • And we had Jurickson Profar doing things as well, going 2 for 4, registering his first career triple.
  • Jared Hoying picked up his first career hit, which is pretty cool for a guy who looked unlikely to ever make it to the big leagues.
  • Yeah, it was a very good game.  I don't have much to say, other than it was fun, and I'm really glad Yu is back.