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Elvis sits, Hanser at shortstop today

With Martin Perez taking the mound in today's rubber match, Elvis Andrus is getting a day off

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Andrus has not looked sharp the first two games of this series, and went hitless yesterday at the plate while making a pair of errors in the field, so its not surprising he's getting a day off today, with Hanser Alberto playing shortstop.  It is at least noteworthy that Alberto is at shortstop, rather than Jurickson Profar...while Alberto is the superior defender at the position, there'd been some speculation that if Elvis needed a day off, Profar might slide over to shortstop.

Today's lineup:

Profar -- 2B

Desmond -- CF

Prince -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Mazara -- RF

Rua -- LF

Moreland -- 1B

Alberto -- SS

Holaday -- C

Martin Perez squares off against lefty Francisco Liriano for the Pirates.

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