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Texas Rangers rumors: Chris Gimenez generating trade interest, per reports

Jon Daniels says there is trade interest in DFA'd catcher Chris Gimenez, per the beat guys

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Catcher Chris Gimenez, who was designated for assignment today, initially seemed like a safe bet to clear waivers and go to AAA.  However, the beat guys on Twitter report that Jon Daniels said today that Gimenez is generating trade interest.

The idea that teams would look to trade for Gimenez is kind of surprising, but then, the Rangers just traded Chad Bell for Bobby Wilson, and traded Wilson and Myles Jaye for Bryan Holaday a month ago, so its quite likely I'm overestimating the quality of the fringe catching market right now.  Gimenez is making $950,000 on a split contract, so he's affordable, and I guess if the Rangers can get something for Gimenez, its better than losing him on waivers.

I can't imagine that Gimenez would bring anything more than cash considerations or a fringe prospect, but hey, every little bit counts, right?  And who knows, maybe the Rangers bring him back in August when all their other catchers are hurt...