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Thoughts on a 3-1 Rangers loss

Jays 3, Rangers 1

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Jays 3, Rangers 1

  • What an annoying game.
  • Tepid refers to Frisco lefty as a garlic-flavored Tootsie Roll.  And that's what this game was...a garlic-flavored Tootsie Roll.
  • Martin Perez threw five shutout innings, but did it in exceedingly frustrating fashion.  Jake Diekman hit a batter, walked the next batter, then got up on 0-2 on Darwin Barney and still needed like 20 pitches to finish him off.  Shawn Tolleson came into the game, allowed a leadoff game tying home run, loaded the bases, and then didn't have the courtesy to allow the winning run to score then, forcing us to hang around for another inning for the inevitable end.
  • Rougned Odor had a leadoff home run, and while the Rangers had that 1-0 lead until the 9th, it never, truly felt like it was going to stand up.  If the Rangers had snuck out of Rogers Center with a win, it would have truly been a stolen "W," because throughout that game, it just felt like there was no way Texas would win.
  • Steve Busby was annoying, suggesting in the 9th that maybe Shawn Tolleson should walk Josh Donaldson, with two outs and runners on first and second in a tie game where one run would win it, to bring up Jose Bautista.  Then he said Donaldson, who has drawn at least 70 walks each of the past three years, is almost impossible to walk.  It made me wonder if he was looking at notes from a different game, or a different team.
  • I'm really kind of surprised Phil Klein gave up the game winning homer to Justin Smoak so quickly in the 10th.  This felt like a game that was going to drag into 14 or 15 innings, once it went to extras.
  • The umpires were annoying.  They got a pretty easy call wrong, on a line drive to right field by Ian Desmond that Jose Bautista short-hopped, only to have the umpires call Desmond out.  It got reversed on replay, but still, it was irksome.
  • The one really bad break that went against Texas came in the second, when Brett Nicholas had a two out gapper bound into the stands.  Mitch Moreland, who was on first, was running on contact, since there were two outs, and he would have scored easily...but since the ball went into the stands, Moreland had to stay at third, and he was stranded there.  If Moreland scores, the Rangers win in 9 innings, 2-1.
  • Rougned Odor made a really, really awful baserunning decision in the 8th...he was on second, with Nomar Mazara at first, and with one out, Adrian Beltre popped out to second base.  Odor, for whatever reason -- I guess because the second baseman had his back to the infield, and the third baseman probably wasn't initially covering the bag -- decided to break for third, and was out by 10 feet, ending the inning.  Just no reason for him to try to do that...and it was exacerbated by Prince Fielder leading off the next inning with a double, a ball that, had it happened with Odor on second and Mazara on first, likely would scored two runs.
  • Prince was lifted for Hanser Alberto after his ninth inning double, and Hanser went to third on the Desmond hit that was initially called an out.  The Jays then played the infield in, and Hanser was thrown out at home trying to score on a sharp Moreland grounder to second.  There was carping about Hanser trying to score, but the alternative would have been to hold at third and see the Jays turn a double play.  Heading home was the right move.
  • Anyway...just irritating all around.  Bah.