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Thoughts on a 9-2 Rangers win

Rangers 9, Indians 2

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Rangers 9, Indians 2

  • Hey, a blowout!  Just the way to start off a series on the road.
  • Derek Holland, currently viewed as the weak link (or weakest link) in the Rangers rotation, had a nice, workmanlike outing.  Only two K's today, but also just one walk, and Holland just needed 92 pitches to get through six innings.  I thought they might let Holland pitch the seventh, to help save the pen, but Jeff Banister opted to bring Cesar Ramos into the game with an eight run lead and the opportunity for a three inning save.
  • Ramos did his job, allowing a home run to Marlon Byrd on the first pitch he threw, and then keeping the Indians off the board after that to earn the save.  He did allow five more base runners after the homer, and Jake Diekman got up and started warming at one point, but Ramos got the job done.
  • Aside from former Ranger Byrd going deep, Holland's one run allowed was one a home run to former Ranger Mike Napoli.  I guess we should be glad we weren't playing...well, Baltimore doesn't have that many ex-Rangers anymore, do they?  I'm not sure...think of a team with a lot of former Rangers and fill in that blank.
  • The Rangers put a bunch of runs on the board early, scoring all nine runs in the first four innings, and then apparently decided to put things on ice so that they could save runs for a later game when they'd be needed.  Every Ranger starter got a hit except for Mitch Moreland, with Elvis Andrus picking up three hits because, you know, he is playing in Cleveland and always hits in Cleveland.
  • Ian Desmond hit a two run home run as the second batter of the game, which set the tone for the day, and Nomar Mazara had a mammoth blast to dead center for a three run homer that was measured at like 440 feet.  I continue to marvel at Mazara...I know it is a cliche and everyone is saying it, but really, he seems like a guy who has been around for a decade.  I want to see him getting big at bats in the playoffs this October
  • Oh, and Texas is still in first place.  Holla.