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Wednesday Morning Links


Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Daniels says that Nomar Mazara isn't going anywhere when Shin Soo Choo returns.

Stupid Justin Smoak.

One of the good things about the 2016 Texas Rangers: they spread happiness to fanbases all throughout the land, giving the singular joy of a walkoff win whenever they come to town.  They're like the Johnny Appleseeds of baseball glee (if there were only 165 apples in the world and they all belonged to you).

Surplus Detroit catchers: the new market inefficiency.

Josh Hamilton had a setback?!

Gerry Fraley writes up Pedro Payano, who has spent the years since being signed as an internaitonal free agent following Dr. Nick's patented weight gain diet.

Nomar Mazara has had a great first month.  Greater even than legendary hustler David Murphy's, in fact.

The Melrose Place level drama that is the Rangers high A affiliate continues, with the Rangers trying to move the affiliate to the Carolina league.

Stupid Justin Smoak.

Ronda Ashenfelter, the Rangers 2016 honorary bat girl, loves her some baseball.

Welcome back, Bobby Wilson!