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MLB steroid suspensions: More suspensions coming, per ESPN

ESPN's T.J. Quinn says more PED suspensions are coming, but "no big names"

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

MLB steroid suspensions:  We have seen a rash of players suspended for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) at the beginning of 2016, and according to T.J. Quinn of ESPN, more suspensions are coming, though he says "no big names."

This is interesting from the standpoint of the general landscape of major league baseball, where we have seen quite a few suspensions in the early part of the season.  But what caught my eye about this was that it is on the heels of the Rangers trading for Bobby Wilson when they already have catchers in place...I thought back to the Giants in 2012, when they acquired Hunter Pence at a time when they were thought to be set in the outfield, only to have the Melky Cabrera suspension be announced soon after.

The timing of this makes me wonder if there isn't something that the team anticipates might be happening with someone in the organization, and the Quinn report has me wondering if there might be a connection there.