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Thursday Morning Links

Welcome to flavor country!

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant has spun the Wheel of Blame for last night's loss and tells us that Martin Perez is the root of all our problems.

Derek Holland gets the start tomorrow and is preparing himself mentally for a chorus of boos.  Derek learned his lesson in the playoffs: never disrespect the rally towel.

Evan Grant tells us that Martin Perez and Cole Hamels are terrible at retiring leadoff batters and Jurickson Profar will not be playing anything but shortstop until June.

The old gypsy fortune teller told us that the consequence for disrespecting the rally towel was every loss being a walkoff loss.

The Rangers are still at 8.5/1 odds to walk off lose their way the AL pennant.

We're sorry, Ian Kinsler.

The calvacade of catchers continues, with Brett Nicholas going down yesterday to make way for Bobby Wilson.

Chris Gimenez was welcomed back from the disabled list with a trade to Cleveland.

Joey Gallo has hit pause on putting up video game numbers in Round Rock to go visit the disabled list.

Tony Barnette wants to give up walk off wins like the cool kids.

Let's talk groins!

Derek Holland learned a valuable lesson in Toronto during the ALDS: if you're going to clown don't bring your gascan the next day.