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Elvis, DeShields sit, Hanser, Rua start

The Rangers have Hanser Alberto and Ryan Rua in the starting lineup today against J.A. Happ and the Jays

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers are facing Jays lefty J.A. Happ today, and have Hanser Alberto and Ryan Rua both in the lineup against the lefty.  Interestingly, though, the Rangers are sitting righties to make room for them...Alberto is in place of Elvis Andrus, who was due for a day off, while Rua is playing in place of DeShields, who is sitting again for the second consecutive day.

The lineup:

Odor -- 2B

Mazara -- RF

Beltre -- 3B

Prince -- DH

Desmond -- CF

Moreland -- 1B

Rua -- LF

Holaday -- C

Alberto -- SS

Derek Holland is on the mound for Texas.