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2016 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers Day Two selections

The players picked in rounds three through ten by the Texas Rangers

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

2016 MLB Draft:  Texas Rangers Day Two selections.

Rounds 3 through 10 of the MLB Draft are going on today, and so we will update this post periodically as the Rangers select players.

Round 3:  Kole Enright, 3B, West Orange HS, Winter Garden, Florida -- Enright is listed at 6'1", 175 lbs., and does not appear to be in the BA top 500.  He's a switch-hitter.

Round 4:  Charles Leblanc, SS, University of Pittsburgh -- Leblanc is a draft-eligible sophomore who was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2013 draft by the Milwaukee Brewers out of Toronto, Ontario.  He just turned 20 on June 3, and is listed at 6'3", 195 lbs., and is listed at #452 on the BA top 500 list.  BA praises his hit tool, but says he's unlikely to stick at shortstop.

Round 5:  Kyle Roberts, LHP, Henry Ford CC -- Roberts is a 6'6", 210 lb. lefthanded pitcher who was ranked #246 on the BA top 500.  He's big, extremely raw (BA says he didn't pitch as a high school senior), and has touched 96 mph, so he's one of these project guys the Rangers like.

Round 6:  Kyle Cody, RHP, Kentucky -- Cody is a 6'7", 245 lb. senior who was drafted by the Twins using one of their competitive balance picks last year, and who Baseball America had ranked at #89 in their top 500 this year, with Keith Law ranking him #84 on his top 100.  He throws in the 93-95 mph range, with a "slurve," and seems to profile as a reliever, though he apparently seems to have a chance to start.

Round 7:  Sam Huff, C, Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizona -- Huff is a righthanded hitter listed at 6'4", who was #146 on BA's top 500.  BA praises his raw power and his framing, saying he's an average thrower.  Huff does sound like a player who should stick behind the plate, rather than being a catcher drafted for his bat who will have to change positions.

Round 8:  Tai Tiedemann, RHP, Long Beach Community College -- Tiedemann just turned 20, and is listed at 6'6", 195 lbs.  He was the QB on his high school team and didn't play baseball there until his senior year of high school.  He appears to have spent his time in college as an outfielder, while also pitching.  Here's an article I found about him.

Round 9:  Hever Bueno, RHP, Arizona State -- A 6'2", 215 lb. junior who is #354 on the BA top 500 list, Bueno had his season cut short and either had, or is going to have, Tommy John surgery.  Throws in the mid-90s and BA likes his changeup, but apparently profiles as a reliever.

Round 10:  Josh Merrigan, OF, Georgia Gwinnett College.  Merrigan is a switch-hitting senior listed at 6'2", 180 lbs.