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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers win

Rangers 2, M's 1

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Rangers 2, M's 1

  • One strike away finally worked against the other team.  It was about time.
  • Of course, before getting to one strike away, we need to rave about Colby Lewis.  8 IP, just 3 K's but also just 3 hits, no walks.  And it looked like Cooby would get hung with the loss, due to a combination of an Adam Lind solo home run and the Rangers bats doing nothing all game.
  • But with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, with two strikes, Steve Cishek opted to challenge Prince Fielder with a fastball, right down the middle, and Prince crushed it, tying the game at one and getting Colby off the hook.  Prince was 3 for 5 today, his first three hit game of the season, and if you are looking for signs of life from Prince, well, look no further.
  • The other player with a multi-hit game for the Rangers today?  Rougned Odor, who went 3 for 5, with the third hit being a ball crushed into the right field seats for a game-winning home run to lead off the top of the 11th.  Upon making contact, Rougie dropped his bat and hung his head, and I was sure he hadn't gotten all of it...only to be proven wrong.  He destroyed that baseball.
  • Speaking of the offense, Robinson Chirinos pinch ran for Prince in the 11th.  I bet that's the first time Chirinos has ever pinch run.
  • Okay, I'm whipped...this game wore me out.  I could write some more thoughts about how Jake Diekman came up big and noting Sam Dyson's command issues, but I'm too tired.  Good night,