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Lewis Brinson d.l.'d, Melvin Novoa suspended

Frisco outfielder Lewis Brinson will miss several weeks with a strained shoulder, and AZL catcher Melvin Novoa has been suspended

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have a pair of minor leaguers who will be missing significant time, per news that came out today.

Frisco center fielder Lewis Brinson is going on the disabled list with a strained shoulder which will cost him several weeks, per reports.  Brinson has been dogged by injuries throughout his pro career, although previously they were of the leg strain variety.  Brinson had been struggling with his swing prior to this injury, though there had been signs he may have been getting things back on track.

Catcher Melvin Novoa, meanwhile, has been suspended for 56 games after testing positive for Clostebol, a banned PED.  Novoa, who was signed as an amateur free agent as part of the Rangers' 2013 J-2 class, spent the 2015 season with the Arizona Rookie League team.  With the abbreviation seasons the short-season teams have, this will likely cost him most of the year.