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39-25 - Rangers enter Coliseum Twilight Zone, lose to A's again

Texas is now 39-21 against the rest of baseball and 0-4 against the 27-36 A's

Robert Reiners/Getty Images

The last time the Rangers were coming off an emotional high and found themselves in Oakland to begin series I wrote this:

I can feel it already. The A's are going to be that otherwise crappy AL West team that the Rangers are going to be unable to beat all summer for no good reason and it will drive us crazy.

Maybe if I write that the Rangers will easily win the World Series, and it comes true, we can feel better about this eventuality.

Player of the Game: Shin-Soo Choo hit a home run in his return to the lineup. Welcome back, Choo!

Up Next: More Oakland-based misery, assuredly.