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Thursday Morning Links


Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Have you heard of this Rougned Odor guy?

The middle relievers have been sucking, most likely because middle relievers taken as a whole are not very good pitchers.

Evan Grant has his takeaways from last night's game, noting that Derek Holland is terrible on normal rest and that Rougned Odor and Robinson Chirinos may have made history when they went bonkers last night.

Adrian Beltre's self-examination results in a diagnosis of "strong like bull."

Adrian Beltre has been giving Jurickson Profar some pointers.

Evan Grant's notebook includes such tidbits as David Murphy throwing out the first pitch June 24.

Can Ryan Rua be the quiet, unassuming, nonthreatening white guy that plays the game the right way that we will soon need when Mitch Moreland is finally sent off to the knackers?

Jane Lee and T.R. Sullivan recap last night's game.

The Rangers are now the only team to hit at least three homers in three straight games at Oakland Coliseum.

Oh, no, get ready for a deluge of Profar / Beltre slashfiction.

And, finally, Animal Hope's LSB dog (Oddibe McHowl) got over parvo and was adopted on Saturday.  You guys are good luck, so be ready to name my next intake.

lsb dog

lsb dog