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Texas Rangers rumors: David Garcia expected to sign with Texas on July 2

Ben Badler writes that the Rangers are expected to sign one of the top catching prospects in this year's J-2 class

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  David Garcia, one of the top catching prospects in this year's J-2 class, is expected to sign with the Texas Rangers when this year's signing period begins on July 2, according to Ben Badler.

Badler says Garcia, a 16 year old from Venezuela, is thought by many to be the top catcher in the class.  The 5'11", 170 lb. switch hitter would presumably become the Rangers' top catching prospect, given that their system is currently largely bereft of catching talent.

The Rangers have been seeking a franchise catcher for a number of years, and it was thought at one time that fellow Venezuelan Jorge Alfaro would be that guy, given his big time arm and power potential.  Alfaro struggled with plate discipline and questions about whether he could stay behind the plate, however, and ultimately ended up going to Philadelphia as part of the package that brought Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman to Texas.

Ed. Note -- It was pointed out that Alfaro is from Colombia, not Venezuela.  My apologies for the mistake.