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No Joey Gallo in St. Louis tonight

Per Evan Grant, Joey Gallo was pulled last night because of "manager's decision," not because of promotion

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Gallo, who was the DH for Round Rock last night, was lifted for a pinch hitter mid-game, leading to speculation that he was being called up for the St. Louis series, either as a bat off the bench or, on the more speculative fronts, as a replacement for Adrian Beltre among those who thought maybe Beltre tweaked his hamstring again yesterday, in Beltre's first game back after missing a week.

Evan Grant shoots those theories down, though, saying that the decision to lift Gallo was a "manager's decision," which, in the minor leagues, is usually an indication that someone didn't run out a pop fly or otherwise did something that necessitated the manager to feel that this would be a good time for a teachable moment.

So no Gallo for now, Beltre is presumably fine, and we shall see if Gallo is back in the lineup tonight, or if he, like his fellow 2012 Ranger draft pick Nick Williams, is getting to cool his heels next to the manager on the bench for a day or two.