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Thoughts on a 1-0 Rangers win

Rangers 1, Cardinals 0

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 1, Cardinals 0

  • I don't know if there's much to offer in the way of thoughts after that game.  I mean, the Rangers are playing great.  Cole Hamels pitched great.  Rougned Odor hit a home run and made a great defensive play to end the game.  What is there to add?
  • Texas is now 21-6 over the last 27 games.
  • At 43-25, the Rangers have their best record in team history after 68 games.
  • If the Rangers just play .500 ball the rest of the way, they finish with 90 wins.
  • Texas is now 6-2 on the road trip, and are ensured of a winning road trip.
  • What more can I say?  This is fun.  I'm enjoying it.  Let's see Nick Martinez do work tomorrow.