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Thursday Morning Links


David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Banister would really like to trust you, bullpen goldshirts.

You're playing great, Jurickson Profar, but you'd better go punch someone in the mouth if you really want to stay in the majors.

For those of you who like to pick your scabs, this article about how former Rangers are doing notes that Ian Kinsler is making the Prince Fielder trade look like a mistake.  That's ridiculous, of course, because it's Prince Fielder who's making that trade look like a mistake.

Why are you making Jeff Banister abuse Matt Bush, bullpen goldshirts?

Marlon Byrd just got nailed with a 162 game suspension for taking growth hormone.  Take a page from this guy's notes, Marlon... deny, deny, deny.

Shawn Tolleson is returning from a personal leave of absence tomorrow.

Claudio and Jackson did give the rest of the pen a breather, Mr. Headline Writer, but wouldn't "Claudio and Jackson Bring Their Gas Cans" be a more accurate description?

The Rangers continue to be generous with walk off wins, spreading joy throughout opposing teams' stadiums all across the land.

Yu Darvish will be making his second start tomorrow.

And, finally, here's a picture of Animal Hope's LSB dog.  I've decided that LSB will get naming rights for certain dogs that we bring in.  The suggestions from Twitter were Rougie, Rusty and Dickie Thon.  Make your votes in the comments.

If info about his personality will help your decisionmaking, he had parvo but was growling at the other dogs I transported with him despite being in a crate and receiving fluids.  He also kept trying to chew his catheter out.

lsb dog

lsb dog