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2016 Texas Rangers draft preview: Taylor Trammell

Taking a look at Taylor Trammell, a possible Rangers target at #30

Vincent Laforet/Getty Images

2016 Texas Rangers draft preview:  With the MLB draft coming next week, I'm going to highlight a few of the players who I anticipate will be on the Rangers' radar at #30.  These aren't scouting reports or anything, but just capsule write-ups so you have some familiarity with guys who would appear to be in the mix for the Rangers to take with their first round pick.

This morning we are talking about Taylor Trammell, who, like the guy we previewed Tuesday, seems to fit what the Rangers look for in their high draft picks, and if anything, is even more of the Platonic Ideal of a Rangers draft pick.  Georgia high school outfielder, athletic, projectable, a three sport athlete who has just recently started focusing primarily on baseball.  He sounds a lot like 2015 second rounder Eric Jenkins -- a guy who is fast, projects as a true center fielder, and who has bat speed but needs work on his hit tool.

BA had Trammell going to the Rangers at #30  in their 2.0 Mock Draft, but most of the more recent mocks I've seen have had Trammell off the board before Texas picks, generally in the early 20s.  BA has him at #32 on their top 100 in early May, but I expect he will be higher in their updated rankings.  MLB Pipeline has Trammell at #31.

Video of Trammell is below: