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Texas Rangers rumors: Jurickson Profar for Julio Teheran would be no go for Texas, per Rosenthal

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers wouldn't part with Jurickson Profar for Julio Teheran

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  Jurickson Profar for Atlanta Braves pitcher Julio Teheran is the type of deal the Braves would be looking for, but the Rangers think young position players are too valuable to give up Profar for Teheran, according to Ken Rosenthal in his latest notes column.

Rosenthal discusses this while looking at whether the Braves would trade their 25 year old righthander, who is under team control through 2020.  Rosenthal says that Profar is the type of player who the Braves would need to get to deal Teheran, but Rosenthal indicates that "Texas does not think all that highly of Teheran," and thinks young position players such as Profar have more value in the trade market right now.

Texas isn't exactly in a position where they have to make a deal, but there's been talk that they would be interested in landing a cost-controlled young top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher, especially with Yu Darvish hitting the free agent market after next season.  If Teheran isn't of interest, you'd have to assume that Jose Fernandez or Sonny Gray would be targets instead, although the ask for both pitchers would seem to be extremely high.

Meanwhile, Profar is up with the Rangers and gives the Rangers depth in the infield, while also showing he's more than capable of handling major league pitching.  If the Rangers decide to make a move to add an impact player under team control past 2016 later this summer, Profar would seem to have shown enough to make him a particularly valuable trade chip.