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Thoughts on an 8-2 Rangers loss

Reds 8, Rangers 2

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Reds 8, Rangers 2

  • Ah, well.  The streak was fun while it lasted.
  • Honestly, I don't even remember that much about this game.  I know Colby Lewis gave up a three run homer to the fourth batter of the game, then seemed to settle down, then gave up three more runs in the fifth, and then didn't pitch anymore after the fifth.
  • My assumption was that Colby got pulled because of ineffectiveness, but it turns out he had triceps cramping that started bothering him in the first inning.  He says its not something that is a concern.  Let's cross our fingers and hope he's right.
  • Cesar Ramos and Alex Claudio each pitched two innings.  Ramos had problems and gave up 2 runs, Claudio pitched fine and gave up none.  Ultimately, it didn't matter as far as winning or staying in the game, since the Rangers weren't scoring many runs or anything tonight, but it at least helped save the bullpen.
  • As far as the bats go, Prince Fielder had a hard-hit double, and Jurickson Profar rewarded Jeff Banister's decision to start him today with a two-run home run.  Nothing else much exciting that happened offensively that I can remember.
  • Although really, I kind of tuned out mentally and spent much of the evening arguing about whether fans are more likely to come to games in Arlington if there's a stadium with a retractable roof than an open-air stadium, so its quite possible I'm forgetting something.
  • Ryan Rua came into the game for Ian Desmond and played center field for the final couple of innings, which is meaningful because Rua is technically the backup center fielder right now.  Jared Sandler tweeted that Rua is expected to play center tomorrow so that Desmond can get a day off, which should be interesting.
  • Anyway, Seattle apparently lost tonight, as well...I haven't gone to check on that myself, but I think I read it on Twitter or somewhere.  Assuming Seattle did lose, Texas is still 9.5 games up in the West.
  • Yeah, these are some pretty uninspiring thoughts.  Sorry.  This game didn't inspire me to write much that's entertaining.