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50-27 - Rangers win Weird Baseball game against Yankees

It took nine or so hours but, as you know, these Rangers never quit

Adrian Beltre Jr. and Prince Fielder's son
Adrian Beltre Jr. and Prince Fielder's son
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Texas is now baseball's first team to 50 wins and all it took was like nine hours of weird as shit baseball where Texas had to wait nearly four hours to play the top of the 9th and then scored four runs to complete a wild comeback victory.

Joe Girardi attempted to weasel his way to victory by whining until the umps called for the tarp with a man on and no outs in the 9th and Shin-Soo Choo with a 3-1 count against Aroldis Chapman despite the fact that it had been raining for a while and the Rangers toughed it out.

Three and a half hours later:

It was the tale of two teams. The Yankees didn't even want to play. The Rangers Never. Ever. Quit.

In the end, the Rangers won 9-6.

Player of the Game: Adrian Beltre drove in the tying and go ahead runs in the top of the 9th as Adrian Beltre Jr. looked on from the stands cheering because this is the best game.

Up Next: The Yankees and Rangers play again tomorrow night with lefties Cole Hamels and CC Sabathia set to duel. First pitch is once again scheduled for 6:05 pm CT.