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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the American League leading Texas Rangers

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Good morning. Did you have a nice rest after the Rangers won at like 2:30 am this morning? I bet Joe Girardi didn't.

Last night/this morning was one of the strangest games in a while (which is saying something for this franchise) mostly because a rain delay/Yankee gambit, that ultimately lasted longer than most baseball games, occurred with the Rangers down a run and rallying in the 9th.

It is easy to say this now, because they pulled it off, but it really felt like the Rangers were going to come back if the 9th were actually played. You get the sense the Yankees were beginning to feel that way, too. It felt like an inevitability when Aroldis Chapman couldn't find a good grip on the ball and walked Robinson Chirinos to start the inning.

That's why, with the count 3-1 on Shin-Soo Choo, it felt like the Yankees had snuffed the rally by stalling just enough until the umpires were calling for the tarp. With Girardi out to "ask for a new rosin bag" you get the sense he was hoping his club wouldn't have to play to finish off their win.

However, while Girardi got his way in the short term, the umpires realized they couldn't make the Rangers pitch and play the whole night in the rain but let New York off the hook as soon as they ran into trouble.

So the Rangers had to wait three and a half hours of champing at the bit to resume their rally while Girardi's men were dragged back out to complete a game they had been wishing away and hoping would get banged.

This, of course, was after Girardi went out and stated his case once again for why the game should not continue despite dry skies and the field playable.

The Rangers had put the fear of Never Ever Quit in the Yankees.

Per Andrew Marchand, Girardi was upset that his team had to actually play baseball to win the baseball game.

It took two game stories for Levi Weaver to recap the Rangers' 9-6 win over the Yankees even though the game basically lasted the length of three games.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers got the chance to complete a game the Yankees were praying mother nature would end and made the most of their opportunity.

Jeff Wilson recaps the win and has quotes from Adrian Beltre who admitted he badly wanted to win the game because he didn't think the rain delay situation was fair.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the rainy, conspiracy-laden early morning win is just another chapter in the book of Never Ever Quit for the Rangers in 2016.

Wilson reacts to how the Yankees got their wish but only delayed their demise and cost everyone involved a handful of hours of sleep.

Jared Sandler's weekly look at the Rangers covers positive signs from Prince Fielder since he was "unplugged" at the beginning of the month.

Grant looks at Jon Daniels' priorities for the roster as we near a month before the trading deadline.

Sullivan writes about New Yorker Anthony Iapoce's return to Yankee Stadium as Rangers hitting coach.

Tony Blengino recalls Jurickson Profar the top prospect and tries to figure out who he is today and what his value is to the Rangers.

Grant notes that the Rangers will incur a small tax for exceeding their draft bonus pool allotment.

Joshua Needelman of previews tonight's game with lefties CC Sabathia and Cole Hamels battling in a game that would be top billing in 2008 and still pretty good in 2016.

Finally, Emily Jones wrote on her blog about how the nightly Powerade bath isn't a big deal so everyone should relax especially since it means the team is having fun and winning.

Have a great day! Take a nap!