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Wednesday Morning Links


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the key to the Ranger success is balancing out Rougned Odor and Jurickson Profar staying up all night playing marbles with Adrian Beltre yelling at them to get off his lawn and Prince Fielder reminding everybody that he used to be able to hit.

Evan Grant says it's all about the streaks.

It's always a bad sign when umpiring is described as bizarre.

A slumping Mazara is still ranked 4th in Jim Bowden's midseason ranking of MLB rookies.

If you expected Santa Claus to leave some healthy pitchers under the tree on All Star Game Eve, Doug Brocail has some sad news for you.

There's not a problem in the world that can't be fixed by throwing a czar at it.

T.R. Sullivan has a recap of last night's game.

The Rangers are investigating cloning technology in the interest of an all-Hamels rotation.

Yu Darvish will be throwing a simulated game to determine his next steps.

Adrian Beltre, awesome in so many ways.

Nick Martinez will be coming home when he pitches tonight.  Sort of.

Barry Bloom says the Rangers won't be complacent.

The umpires were applying an MLB rule in Monday's rain delay.

Cole Hamels' awesomeness is the type that sort of sneaks up you.

I think Levi Weaver may be implying that the Ranger clubhouse is a little rapey..

Levi Weaver says it's hard to recap a game that didn't finish.

Brice Paterick has some Ranger prospects to keep an eye on.