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Friday Morning Links


Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The DMN has some tidbits from Sports Illustrated's writeup of Jose Bautista and the punch heard 'round the world.

Gerry Fraley has a news flash!  Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager are an enormous pain in our collective asses!

Scott Servais talks about whether the Mariners are contenders.

Rougned Odor was new boot goofin' with Dirk Nowitski and Chandler Parsons yesterday.

Guess who became the first player since Rocco Baldelli to win Rookie of the Month honors for April and May?

Nomar Mazara is not letting his early success go to his head.  And here he is, looking like success has not gone to his head.

T.R. Sullivan says that MLB is retiring the Rookie of the Month honors because, you know, Nomar Mazara.

And, finally, as you tremble in the catatonia of indecision over which sprinkled donut to eat, contemplate the fact that snails make complex decisions only using two brain cells.