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Keith Law mock draft has Texas Rangers selecting Taylor Trammell

Keith Law's latest mock draft projects Trammell to Texas at #30

2011 MLB World Series Feature Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Keith Law mock draft: The 2016 MLB draft is just six days away, and Keith Law of ESPN has a new mock draft up over at ESPN that projects Georgia high school outfielder Taylor Trammell going to the Texas Rangers at #30. Law sees the Rangers going high-ceiling high school player at #30, and Trammell definitely qualifies as such, being a three-sport athlete who has impressed with his speed, both foot and bat.

I wrote up Trammell yesterday as part of our draft preview, and you can read about him there, but he's your typical Rangers target, a toolsy athletic high schooler who has questions about his hit tool. My guess is that the Rangers nab Trammell or fellow Georgia high school outfielder Will Benson at #30 if they are there, with the mystery being what Texas will do if both players are off the board.