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32-22 - Profar, Mazara, Beltre star in win from your happiest dreams

The Rangers are back to ten games above .500 and now have the best record in the American League

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

You know sometimes when Baseball America or a prospect site puts out a "lineup five years from now" for a team and you look at it and it's littered with all these names of prospects you dream about but you know that lineup will never happen because five years in baseball is forever and players flame out, get traded, or get replaced in the org depth chart by someone better?

Tonight's game felt like one of those lineups came to life for the Rangers in a game where Texas beat the Seattle Mariners to reclaim their sole lead in the American League West and a half game lead over the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles for the top record in the American League.

There's Yu Darvish making the start in a big game against a division rival! Jurickson Profar is leading off! Nomar Mazara is hitting third in the lineup! Adrian Beltre is still carrying the Rangers after all these years!

Watching the Rangers win tonight was like watching the baseball game you always hope to see as a fan.

Player(s) of the Game: It really is difficult to choose. Profar hit went 2 for 4 with a home run and also made a run-saving diving catch at second base. Mazara, fresh off another AL Rookie of the Month award went 2 for 2 and walked twice while taking like a hundred pitches because he refuses to be an easy out.

And then there's the old guy, Beltre, who hit a three-run dinger in the bottom of the 1st and followed that up with a two-run double in the 3rd. Heck, even Ian Desmond continued to destroy at The Ballpark as he went 4 for 5 and brought his average over .300 for the season.

Up Next: The Rangers try to extend their lead in the AL West to two games with Martin Perez on the mound against RHP Nate Karns. First pitch is scheduled for 8:05 pm CT.