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Thursday Morning LInks


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant tells the story of last night's bullpen debacle with fire metaphors, though it might have been better framed as Rooster Cogburn riding Mattie Ross' horse in True Grit.

Oh, yay, All Star talk.

Well, you'd be gentle with a Feberge egg, too.

Evan Grant has some takeaways from last night's game, noting that Sam Dyson looks to be not far from the knackers.

Shawn Tolleson taught his teammates some witchcraft prior to last night's game, which was about as effective as The Red Witch's princess barbecue prior to the siege of Winterfell.

All that uncertainty about Darvish's rehab is a little unsettling.

Jeff Banister says he's trying to keep Cole Hamels fresh for the second half.  Sam Dyson is not amused.

Levi Weaver's postgame story has a great quote about fear.