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51-29 - Rangers bring knife to bullpen gunfight against Yankees

The Rangers went way over a month without losing consecutive games so that's something

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have 29 losses. 9 of them have now come via a walkoff. That's a good way to make 29 losses out of 80 games feel bad.

Getting into a battle of the bullpens with the Yankees is an unwise decision. They've got this large, unruly three-headed monster that breathes poison and death made up from Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman. The Rangers possess a three-headed monster, too. There's Matt Bush, Jake Diekman, and Sam Dyson but this monster is currently exhausted from gorging too greedily on the American League thus far.

As you know, the more you show the monster, the less scary it gets. Also, all of the arms on the Rangers' bullpen monster have fallen off. Some of its teeth have cavities, too.

Overall the Rangers finished June with 20 wins on the month so they're not sweatin' it.

Player of the Game: Well, Shin-Soo Choo hit a lead off home run. You could have pretty much turned the game off at that point because nothing else of note really happened unless you're way into solid, if inefficient, pitching from A.J. Griffin and/or taking perverse pleasure in seeing how many times the Rangers can strike out.

Up Next: The Rangers do not get a well-deserved rest for their bullpen and are instead heading to Minnesota to take on the Twins with Martin Perez set to face Ervin Santana from Target Field tomorrow night beginning at 7:10 pm CT.