A little math re: MiLB pay

According to numbers found here, salaries for rookie/short season teams are $1,150 a month; for low A it's $1,300 a month; for high A it's $1,500 a month; for AA it's $1,700 a month; and for AAA it's $2,150 a month.

Players, especially at the top levels, sometimes negotiate a higher salary, and repeating a year bumps it up a tiny bit, but we'll ignore that for now for math's sake.

The Rangers' minor-league roster sizes for teams playing in the United States, according to their websites this evening:

AZL Rangers - 40

Spokane - 35

Hickory - 34

High Desert - 27

Frisco - 32

Round Rock - 29

If we assume the roster sizes stay the same, and the AZL and short season teams have five-month seasons and the rest have 7, then the annual payrolls:

AZL Rangers - $230,000

Spokane - $201,250

Hickory - $344,400

High Desert - $283,500

Frisco - $380,800

Round Rock - $436,450

That means the total minimum pay for the whole system is $1,876,400.

If we assume six games per week at three hours per, and three more hours a day for practice and game prep, it would be easy to find another four hours to get to 40 in a week. So if we pay $10 an hour (or equivalent salary for $10 an hour for 40 hours a week) to the AZL and SS teams, then add $2 an hour per level (so $18 an hour for AAA, which gets the equivalent of $13.24 an hour now, then the annual pay for the same number of months is:

AZL Rangers - $320,000

Spokane - $280,000

Hickory - $456,960

High Desert - $423,360

Frisco - $573,440

Round Rock - $584,640

Grand total: $2,638,400.

So if we give the pay raise I laid out, paying at least California's current minimum wage, the increase in cost to the Rangers over now to cover minor league minimum pay is $762,000. That's about half a million less than Jake Diekman makes. Meanwhile, paying a rookie leaguer $10 an hour would raise them from $1,150 to $1,600 a month, and a low-A player from $1,300 to $1,920.