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Wednesday Morning Links


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Andrus says "You are probably better off if you just shut up and play" upon being asked what he thought of Houston closer Ken Giles' opinion that the Astros are the better team.  He then added, "Seriously, shut up and play... we have no real control over Rougned Odor and he's probably waiting in the backseat of your car at this very moment."

Jurickson Profar hovers above your head like the Sword of Damocles, Rangers Who Are Currently Playing Like Crap.

Grant has three takeaways, noting that Ian Desmond r0xx0rs Dallas Kuechels b0xx0rs.

Prince Fielder appears to be making some adjustments to his swing, perhaps in the hopes that a reworked swing will rip a hole in spacetime through which will step a younger version of himself that can hit and play out the remainder of his contract.

Ken Giles, the Astros may be a better team, they just never have been the better team when playing the Rangers in the limited scope of time which is "any time the teams have played each other."

It's time to pull it together, Prince.  If Profar was named Odor, he would have already consumed your soul Highlander style.

A clutch homer is nothing new to Ian Desmond, who notes that it was the Stoic philosopher LL Cool J who observed that you can't call it a comeback if you've been here for years.

The Rangers posted Ken Giles' postgame quote in the clubhouse, apparently because they want Rougned Odor to receive another suspension.

And, finally, I've been on the news and in one of the clips I'm wearing my Rangers jersey that says Scoon on the back.