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Texas Rangers picks in final mock drafts

MLB Pipeline and Keith Law have their final mock drafts out this morning

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The final mock drafts before tonight's first round of the 2016 MLB Draft are rolling in, which gives us a chance to look at who the prognosticators anticipate will be going to Texas.

Over at MLB Pipeline, Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis each have their own separate mock drafts, but each agrees that, at #30, Texas grabs Georgia high school outfielder Will Benson.  We did a write-up on Benson that you can see here.

Meanwhile, Keith Law also has the Rangers going with a Georgia high school outfielder at #30...but he has the Rangers taking Taylor Trammell, not Benson.  We did a write-up on Trammell that you can check out here.

Callis and Law both mention Trammell, Benson and Florida outfielder Buddy Reed as potential selections at #30.  I haven't done a write-up on Reed, but, well, I guess I should this morning.

If the Baseball America updated mock comes out before I leave for the Ranger game today, I will update this post to include that.