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Yu Darvish rehab update: 5 IP, 3 runs for Frisco today

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Yu Darvish threw 72 pitches over five IP in a rehab outing for Frisco today

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Yu Darvish rehab update:  Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish, currently on the disabled list with shoulder soreness, made his second rehab start today, throwing 72 pitches in five innings for Frisco.  Darvish struck out five, walked one, and gave up six hits (including a home run) and three runs.

The question now is whether Yu will be activated, or if he will want one more rehab start.  The Rangers starter for Saturday at the Cubs is currently "TBA," and I'm sure the Rangers would like Darvish to make that start.  It sounds like he's healthy, so unless he feels he wants another outing in the minors to work on things, my guess is his next start will be in the majors.

Keone Kela also threw an inning today for Frisco, striking out two and allowing a hit.  Kela is expected to be activated for the start of the second half on Friday.

Kevin Carter tweeted some thoughts on Yu's night: