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Video: Lewis Brinson home run

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Lewis Brinson went deep again last night, and you can see the video of it

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Lewis Brinson home run.  Texas Rangers minor league center fielder Lewis Brinson went deep again yesterday, hitting a laser blast of a home run to left-center field for his second home run in as many days.  Brinson went 2 for 4 with a walk last night, and is now 7 for 20 since coming off the d.l. last week, with 3 walks against ju a pair of strikeouts.  For the season, he's up to .231/.291/.449.

Oh, and as a bonus, we have video of a Yeyson Yrizarri home run last night...Yrizarri, the 19 year old shortstop for the low-A Hickory Crawdads, didn't smoke it quite the way Brinson did, but hey, a home run is a home run...