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Texas Rangers rumors: Drew Pomeranz a player of interest for Texas, per Rosenthal

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The Texas Rangers are reportedly looking into San Diego LHP Drew Pomeranz

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Drew Pomeranz, the San Diego Padres pitcher, is someone the Texas Rangers have interest in, according to Ken Rosenthal, who says the Rangers have done "background work" on the lefty.  Meanwhile, Padre g.m. A.J. Preller is "particularly interested" in Rangers infielder Jurickson Profar, according to Dennis Lin in a story on Pomeranz drawing trade interest.

The Rangers drafted Pomeranz out of high school in 2007, and came down to the wire on potentially signing him before he opted to attend college instead, ultimately being a high first round pick in 2010.  Lin notes that there is a certain wariness about Pomeranz, given that he hasn't had sustained success prior to this season as a starting pitcher, and given that his workload this year already surpasses what he's done previously in the majors.

Its hard to get a handle on how realistic a Pomeranz to Texas deal might be...I suspect that the Rangers have done at least some due diligence on quite a few pitchers who could come available in the next couple of weeks, given that Colby Lewis and Derek Holland are on the disabled list, and its certainly possible this is being leaked to drum up trade interest from other teams.  I'm leery of paying a premium for a guy who the Padres picked up for cheap this offseason, particularly given the fact that the Rangers need someone they can plug into their rotation and not worry about if they are going to make a move.

That being said, Lin noted Preller's love for Profar, who Preller originally signed, and while Lin notes that Pomeranz alone wouldn't be sufficient for the Rangers to part with Jurickson, son of Judeska and Chesmond, you do have to wonder if there might not be mutual interest in a bigger deal involving Profar and Pomeranz.  Profar is, as has been discussed, somewhat superfluous, given the Rangers' current roster situation, and his greatest value is probably going to a team that sees him as a potential long-term shortstop or second baseman, rather than filling a utility role here or playing first base.  A number of minor leaguers in the Rangers system were originally signed by Preller, and the Rangers, seeking a long-term answer at catcher, would likely be intrigued by the Padres' Austin Hedges.  I've floated Profar-for-Hedges as a deal I'd do, if I were Texas, and I'm wondering if both Pomeranz and Hedges could be shaken loose for a package that would include, say, Profar, Ronald Guzman and Yohander Mendez as key pieces.