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Drew Pomeranz reportedly traded to Boston

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Drew Pomeranz, a potential Rangers trade target, is reportedly heading to Boston

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers potential trade target Drew Pomeranz is the subject of a trade that has been agreed to by the San Diego Padres and the Boston Red Sox, according to San Diego Union-Tribune writer Dennis Lin.

Ken Rosenthal had said earlier this week that the Texas Rangers had done background work on Pomeranz, and Lin wrote earlier this week about the Rangers being a possible trade fit, with A.J. Preller being a big fan of Jurickson Profar, who Preller signed when he was still with the Rangers organization.

A cynic could say that the stories were leaks by the Padres, in an effort to put pressure on Boston to sweeten their offer for Pomeranz, due to the potential of losing him to the Rangers.  The Rangers no doubt did have some interest in Pomeranz, who they drafted in 2007 out of high school but could not sign, though it appears he won't be ending up in Texas.

UPDATE -- The Padres are apparently getting pitcher Anderson Espinoza from the BoSox as part of this trade, and Lin says it may be Espinoza for Pomeranz straight up.  Espinoza is a consensus top 20 prospect in all of baseball, generally seen as somewhere around where Joey Gallo in the Rangers system would be ranked.  If the Padres are getting Espinoza for Pomeranz, this would be a home run for them.