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Video: Ronald Guzman, Andy Ibanez home runs

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The Rangers have scored 1 run in the last two games, so let's distract ourselves with Ronald Guzman and Andy Ibanez dingers

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Video:  Ronald Guzman home runs.  The Texas Ranger offense has been awful the past two games, so let's feed our bodies' need for dingers by watching some Ronald Guzman and Andy Ibanez home runs.

Ibanez is the first one shown below...the 23 year old Frisco second baseman started the year at Hickory, was promoted to Frisco, struggled there early, but seems to be getting his hitting stroke going.  He could be a valuable trade chip this month, should the Rangers look to make a move.

Guzman is the second clip...the 21 year old Frisco first baseman has been having a breakout year, and has homered three times in his past four games, raising his slash line on the year to .302/.364/.505.  Like Ibanez, he could be a possible chip in a deadline deal.