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Luis Ortiz scratched from tonight's start for Frisco

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20 year old righthander Luis Ortiz was scratched from his start for Frisco tonight due to a reported groin strain

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Luis Ortiz, the 20 year old righthanded pitcher who was the Rangers' first round draft pick in 2014, did not throw a pitch in his scheduled start for Frisco tonight.  Ortiz, per reports on Twitter, left with the trainer with what appears to have been an injury or other physical issue.  While folks will probably start saying, "Maybe he was traded," every indication is that it is due to some sort of physical problem.

This is just one more bit of bad news in a disappointing summer on the farm.  Ortiz is the team's top pitching prospect, and with Dillon Tate scuffling and Mike Matuella done for the year after one outing, Ortiz is the one high-ceiling pitcher in the organization who was still on track at this point in 2016.  Ortiz is also the type of player that a team looking to move a high-value impact player is going to covet, so if this sidelines him for any length of time, it will hinder the Rangers' chances of making a Cole Hamels-type trade at the deadline.

UPDATE -- The DMN is saying that Ortiz has a groin strain.  That's not good, but its better than an arm issue.  Something like this likely puts Ortiz on the shelf, though, until after the trade deadline.