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Jurickson Profar getting work in the outfield

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Per Evan Grant, Jurickson Profar is getting work in the outfield this afternoon in advance of today's game

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jurickson Profar is getting what is described as a "tutorial" from coach Jayce Tingler in advance of today's game in Anaheim, according to Evan Grant.  This is on the heels of me saying earlier today that the organization apparently wasn't looking at Profar as an outfield option due to concerns about his shoulder, which cost him the previous two seasons.

So we shall have to see what is going on with this situation, but the Rangers used Profar in the outfield some in 2013, although he hasn't been tried out there since the shoulder issues arose in the spring of 2014.  With the Rangers potentially having some questions in the outfield, as I addressed in the link above, if the team feels it isn't going to post a risk to his shoulder, Profar could have the opportunity to get some play time out there, particularly if Nomar Mazara keeps slumping or if Shin-Soo Choo's back problems keep him sidelined.

Profar is hitting .318/.366/.455 on the season, and has gotten an opportunity to play first base on occasion since being called up, as well as his natural middle infield positions.  He's largely been a bench player since Rougned Odor returned from suspension, but if he can show himself capable of playing left field, he may be able to have an expanded role, and provide the Rangers with their Ben Zobrist-esque superutility guy.