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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks...

The Rangers beat the Twins yesterday in extras, 3-2.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about Ian Desmond's 10th inning home run ending the team's losing streak.

T.R. Sullivan says in his game story that the Rangers have shown grit in winning one run games and putting up a great record in the first half of the season.

Chris Roland writes that Elvis Andrus is putting up a solid 2016 season.

Barry Horn laments that the Rangers aren't getting more nationally televised games to play in.

Jeff Caplan is mad online about the Ballpark being replaced.  On a separate note, he also suggests he's going to be less interested in the NBA because the players are being paid so much, and probably wants these young people to pull their damn pants up.

Levi Weaver has his Baseball Daily.

The S-T's notes talk about Yu Darvish, Keone Kela and Shawn Tolleson.

Sullivan's notes talk about Darvish, Kela, Tolleson, Desmond, and Robinson Chirinos.