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Video: Jairo Beras plate appearances

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Video from High Desert is rare, but we have some at bats from Jairo Beras to check out

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Jairo Beras plate appearances.  That Texas Rangers game today was miserable, but rather than dwelling on that, let's check out something enjoyable, like some video of High Desert outfielder Jairo Beras.  Bobby DeMuro put this up on YouTube, and its very rare to see actual video from a High Desert game -- clips are few and far between on -- so this is good to see.

Beras has a .237/.282/.444 slash line in the hitter-friendly Cal League, so this hasn't been a real great season for him, but he still is just 21 (we think), and he's got impressive raw power...hopefully, something will click for him before too long.