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Thoughts on a 17-5 Rangers loss

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Twins 17, Rangers 5

Yes, this is a position player for the Rangers who is pitching
Yes, this is a position player for the Rangers who is pitching
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Twins 17, Rangers 5

  • Let me summarize the game.  Chi Chi Gonzalez wasn't good in the first inning, the defense behind him was bad, and he got pulled after eight batters and 0.2 IP.  Cesar Ramos replaced him and got rocked.  Luke Jackson came in, threw a scoreless inning, and then, remembering it was Rangers disaster game day, gave up 6 runs in the next inning.  It was a bad game.
  • So, we all know it was a bad instead of dwelling on that, let's talk about some of the good things from today.
  • Shawn Tolleson continued to show signs of life, striking out three and allowing a hit (and no runs) in 1.1 IP.  It was his 10th game since going on the leave list, and he's allowed runs in just one of those games, when he allowed 1 earned and 1 unearned run on June 10.  This was his eighth straight scoreless outing.
  • Bryan Holaday came in with one on and two outs in the 7th, in relief of Tony Barnette, faced four hitters, and retired all four.  Bryan Holaday is a catcher, in case you're wondering why that's noteworthy.  Its only the fourth time he's appeared in a game since June 9, and he didn't catch, but hey, he got in the game!
  • Ian Desmond and Adrian Beltre each got partial days off, being lifted in the bottom of the sixth, Jeff Banister apparently feeling a 17-4 deficit was enough to wave the white flag.
  • Ryan Rua, Robinson Chirinos and Shin-Soo Choo all had home runs today.  Rua and Chirinos each went 2 for 4, with Rua lifting his OPS on the year to 849, and Chirinos getting his up to 817.
  • The Rangers won a challenge today, when the second base umpire called the Twins runner safe when Elvis Andrus dropped a flip from Rougned Odor that he tried to barehand.  The replay showed that he picked up the ball and touched second base before the runner slid in.  So yeah, video replay review!
  • Prince Fielder had a really hard-hit double to the right-center wall, continuing to give some reason to believe he may not be completely done.
  • Elvis Andrus had a double and a walk, and he had a sac fly.
  • Rua moved into center field when Desmond left the game, and had a terrific running catch in deep left center field...I wanted to embed the video, but I didn't see any video of it up at the Rangers' website...but trust me, it was an awesome play.  Maybe he can play some center field...
  • The immediate question after today's game is what the Rangers are going to do about their burned out pitching staff.  Cole Hamels is going tomorrow, and you'd like to think that he doesn't need much help, but still...Ramos threw 60 pitches and Luke Jackson 41, so they are probably unavailable for at least a couple of games.  The easy move would be to option Chi Chi, move Colby Lewis to the 60 day d.l., and purchase the contract of Michael Roth, who has done good work for Round Rock in a swingman role this year.  That would mean that Chi Chi couldn't start on Thursday, when his turn comes up again, but Ramos could potentially start that game, or Roth if he isn't used in the meantime, or Connor Sadzeck could come up for a spot start.  Another potential option is Andrew Faulkner, if he doesn't go tonight, and its certainly possible the Rangers could bring a couple of pitchers up and send Jackson down as well as Chi Chi (or instead of Chi Chi, if they just call up one guy).
  • Meanwhile, the Astros lost to the ChiSox today, so Texas is still up 8.5 games.  There are eight games before the All Star Break, after which Yu Darvish and Keone Kela are both expected to be back, which should help both the pitching staff and the morale of fans who are getting nervous about the state of things.