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Thursday Morning Links

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Baphomet the Injurer was not done with us yet.

Oh, and we got swept.

This is the kind of social media savvy I wish all public figures possessed.

That's right, Prince.  Hanser freaking Alberto is who was called up to replace you.  That's how badly you've been hitting.  Not Gallo, Alberto.

Oh, hey, a goldshirt pitcher!  (That's right, haters, goldshirt)

The Rangers are weighing "all options" to fix the pitching situation, including a massive lobbying campaign to implement the mercy rule.

Mitch Moreland aims to fill Prince's shoes, presumably by aggravating one of his own chronic injuries, being ineffective for a long period and then going on the DL.

Martin Perez is not exactly setting the world on fire in road starts.

Jon Daniels says that the Rangers' trade priority remains pitching even with Prince missing the remainder of the season because Prince wasn't contributing anything anyway.