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Texas Rangers trade rumors: Jurickson Profar not likely to be dealt

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers are "more likely to keep" Jurickson Profar than deal him at the trade deadline

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers trade rumors:  Jurickson Profar is a player who every team talking to the Rangers has interest in, but Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers are "more likely to keep Profar . . . than move him," unless its for a Chris Sale or Chris Archer type.

This highlights the dilemma of this deadline...the Rangers have, in Profar, a good young major league player who they can afford to part with, but there's no one out there who appears to be available who would be worth dealing Profar for.  Rosenthal says that the Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays aren't really matching up, making a deal for Matt Moore or Jake Odorizzi unlikely.

Rosenthal says that Profar is seen as a potential contributor in 2017, even with the middle infield log jam, since he can provide the Rangers with options at a number of positions...and while that is true, you do have to wonder how much of that is the Rangers trying to put out there the notion they don't have to move Profar in order to get teams to improve their offers for him.

In any case, the Rangers will continue to looking for pitching over the next nine days, but more and more, I'm thinking that there's not a deal to be had out there that would warrant parting with Profar, or one of the other top pieces.