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Texas Rangers trade rumors: Joey Gallo the price for Tampa Bay pitcher

Evan Grant writes the Rangers have circled back to the Tampa Bay Rays in trade talks, but the Rays want Joey Gallo

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers trade rumors:  Joey Gallo is the Tampa Bay Rays desired return -- or at least primary piece of a return -- in a deal for Jake Odorizzi or Matt Moore, while the Rangers won't part with Gallo unless they are getting Chris Archer, According to Evan Grant.

Evan says the ChiSox talk isn't going anywhere and so the Rangers and Rays have re-engaged, with the teams continuing to see if a deal can be reached, while each waits and sees if the other will blink.  I don't see Odorizzi or Moore being worth parting with Gallo, although Evan seems to suggest that the shallow pitching market over the next year or two may make it worthwhile (though that may also reflect skepticism on Evan's part on Gallo's future).

Meanwhile, Evan runs down the possible non-Tampa options, such as Andrew Cashner and Wade Miley, but it sounds like the Rangers' preference would be to get one of the Tampa starters.  Who knows...maybe JD will make a deal where Gallo goes as part of a package for both Moore and Odorizzi, and we can call that pairing the Tampa Two.

In any case, the hunt continues, and of note (or maybe not), Martin Perez is starting on Monday, meaning that either Kyle Lohse or Nick Martinez or a trade acquisition would start on Tuesday...and if I recall correctly, Cashner last pitched on Thursday, meaning his spot in the rotation comes up again Tuesday.  Evan suggests Ryan Cordell or Connor Sadzeck as the top piece Texas would give up for Cashner, and I tend to think I'd be fine with that, which suggests it probably wouldn't be enough...