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Aroldis Chapman traded to Cubs for four prospects

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The Chicago Cubs have reportedly acquired Aroldis Chapman for a package of four prospects

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Closer Aroldis Chapman has reportedly been acquired by the Chicago Cubs from the New York Yankees for minor leaguers Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney, Adam Warren and Rashad Crawford.  That is a hefty price for a guy who is one of the best relievers in baseball, but who is also a free agent at season's end, and who also carries with him the baggage of having been involved in an alleged episode of domestic violence this past offseason, which resulted in him getting a 30 game suspension to start the season.  New York acquired Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds this offseason after a deal between the Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers fell apart over the domestic violence incident.

This just highlights once again how weird 2016 is, where the Yankees are the team who is selling, while the Chicago Cubs are the buyers.  The price for Chapman is shockingly high, and there's been a good amount of controversy over whether it makes sense for the Cubs to pay such a price to acquire a rental when they already largely have a playoff spot locked up -- Chapman is an addition for the playoffs, not to get to the playoffs.

The Rangers were supposedly expressing interest in Chapman, but they weren't going to part with a package like the one the Cubs gave up -- Torres is a top 25-30 prospect, and McKinney and Warren are very solid pieces as well.  Its isn't exactly clearly how this is going to impact the overall reliever market, though we have now seen two significant deals go down, with Chapman and Drew Pomeranz, where the price, in terms of prospects given up, was much higher than expected.